To be competitive while at the same time having the participants enjoy football and learn team spirit through a league structure.


Having as many associations, teams and participants in all divisions and seasons as we have resources available.


To promote Community Football through our affiliation with other community organizations and the Provincial organizations.

Who We Are

The Vancouver Mainland Football League (VMFL) is the governing body for amateur community football in the Vancouver Lower Mainland (Zone 2 in BC). We belong to the BCCFA (BC Community Football Association), BCPFA (BC Provincial Football Association) and Football Canada. We have 11 member associations in our league and many associate members which integrate with us for both the Spring and Fall seasons.

Mission Statement

To foster and promote minor football in conjunction with our member associations with the emphasis on participation and competition.

Guiding Principles

To provide and promote minor football, through our member associations, to youth aged 6 -18.

To provide youth the opportunity to play football to their capabilities.

To provide youth the opportunity to play contact football at the competitive level.

To provide youth the opportunity to play flag football at the recreational and competitive level.

To ensure that our program is enjoyable and safe for all participants.

To ensure an educational process for the learning and development of team concepts, community spirit and good sportsmanship are entrenched in our program.

To provide youth the opportunity to appreciate the game of football, enjoy recreational sport and learn the fundamentals of the game.

To give the opportunity for players, coaches and officials to develop their skill sets through proper certification programs.

To ensure safety equipment is utilized properly and adequate playing fields for practice and games are made available.