You may have seen the Richmond Raiders playing at Dennison Park in Sunny Tsawwassen this Thanksgiving Monday. You may have even wondered why they were wearing South Delta Uniforms? Well when the Bantam players from South Delta who chose to stay playing community football looked to a club to continue building their skills, they looked to Richmond for a new home.

This group of boys have added some great skills to this Richmond Bantam team. They had an opportunity to play on their home turf and the coach thought it would be a great idea for the team to play in their old stomping grounds uniforms!

Through the work of both the South Delta Rams and the Richmond Raiders clubs these South Delta boys got to wear their green and gold for perhaps the last time.  This is what football is all about, the love of the game!

What a great day for football!

Richmond is in the Green and Gold, Cowichan is in the burgundy.